Brad Gerstman is a leading New York State attorney, lobbyist and communications specialist. His diverse background and extensive experience in law, business, government, education, and the not-for-profit community places him in a unique position to represent and advocate for a broad range of clients and causes.

As both a personal donor and successful fundraiser, Brad has built a political career that spans all levels of government, and encompasses pertinent figures from both sides of the political spectrum. He has served on a number of Finance Committees, and has been sought out by some of the most prominent members of government for both campaign guidance and fundraising aid. It is this exceptional fundraising prowess that has allowed Brad to create an incomparable reputation state-wide.

Mr. Gerstman’s exceptional track record for building both relationships and coalitions has earned Brad the respect of policy makers, and guided them in constructing essential legislation for the state of New York. Through years of experience, Brad has developed the skills necessary to steer his clients through the complex legislative, political, and bureaucratic processes, while concurrently serving as their spokesperson. With progressive strategies, Brad has acquired the ability to tap into political trends and opportunities, which enable him to identify and overcome obstacles for his clients. Brad’s work has resulted in the shaping of public policy in a number of areas including business advocacy, land use, municipal matters, special education, and charitable causes. Admittedly, Brad has been quoted stating, “Because of the passion I possess as an advocate, the consideration of running for office is always lurking somewhere in my mind”. This very passion even led to a successful exploratory campaign funded, in part, by 500,000 dollars of Brad’s own personal finances.

Brad provides clients with a unique blend of legal, political, and business experience. As a member of the New York State Bar since 1994, Brad developed a remarkable reputation as a defense attorney, prosecutor and general corporate counsel. His distinguished career as a litigator began when Brad was appointed as an assistant district attorney in the Bronx. In this role, Brad faithfully served New Yorkers through his investigation of corporate fraud and corruption cases, as well as his tenacity in persecuting violent criminals. From the DA’s office, Mr. Gerstman went on to head a law firm that focused on criminal defense and general litigation. During this period he handled numerous high-profile cases that included the protection of children from lead-based paint, and advocating for the rights of senior citizens. Currently, Brad is a partner in Gerstman, Schwartz & Wink, LLP,  and Gotham Government Relations & Communications, based in Roslyn. In addition, Brad is a member of the Education Law Association and the Nassau County Bar Association’s Education Law Committee.

Mr. Gerstman is a strong advocate for children with special needs. He currently acts as both co-founder and board member of the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation, a family foundation that provides summer camp experiences to children with physical and developmental disabilities. In the past, Brad has also served as the Long Island Advocacy Chair for Autism Speaks, one of the nation’s largest autism advocacy organizations, as well as Advocacy Chair on the 2007 Long Island Walk Now for Autism Planning Committee. In 2008, Brad was appointed by Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi to chair his Autism Coalition. In addition, Mr. Gerstman was recently elected by the Long Island Autism Coalition Board to serve as Counsel to their organization. Read the rest of Brad’s Bio…

Brad Gerstman joins panel on RNN Richard French Live to discuss New York Politics.

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August 1, 2014
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Reusable bags play a significant role in food contamination unless they’re properly washed on a regular basis — something people rarely do.

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July 19, 2014
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June 13, 2014
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A lawyer from the Village of East Hills in Roslyn is using his wallet as a weapon to help ward off anti-Semitism in Nassau County.

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