NY Post: Muslim waiter sues Waldorf Astoria for firing him


A Muslim waiter named Mohamed who sued the Waldorf Astoria after he said he was forced to wear “Edgar” name tags is going after the ritzy hotel again — this time for firing him.

Mohamed Kotbi — a banquet waiter at the hotel for 28 years — made headlines in 2011 when he claimed bosses replaced his Mohamed name tag with “Edgar” and “Hector.”

The Moroccan-born employee, canned in 2012, plans to file another lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court this week, alleging unlawful retaliation.

“They really destroyed me,” said Kotbi, 52. “This was my life. It’s the only job I’ve ever had.”

His 2011 federal discrimination suit was settled for $17,500 in August, court records show.

“If we can’t get justice for our client, we intend to take action in the community and protesting, picketing and rallying in front of the hotel,” Kotbi’s new attorney Brad Gerstman said.

Hilton, owners of the Waldorf, declined to comment.

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