Newsday: Brad Gerstman on Mangano’s Fiscal Woes

Newsday seeks out Brad Gerstman on Ed Mangano’s ¬†fiscal woes as the embattled County Executive tries to navigate the county’s budget issues.

From Congress to governors’ mansions to the presidential campaigns, immediate and severe debt reduction has become GOP and tea party dogma on par with tax cuts.

In Nassau County, however, Republicans are taking a far different tack.

Republican County Executive Edward Mangano, elected on a tea party wave in 2009, has proposed $850 million in new borrowing in the past year for everything from a new hockey arena to tax settlement payments.

…But Garden City attorney and political consultant Brad Gerstman said municipal officials like Mangano are not held to the same level of ideological purity as national lawmakers. “The closer you get to local government, the less strict it becomes,” said Gerstman, who represents both Republicans and Democrats.

Mangano ran for county executive on the Republican and Tax Revolt party lines, pledging to repeal the home energy tax and to not raise property taxes. He’s stuck to that promise, contending that Nassau families already are burdened by some of the nation’s highest property taxes.


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