Lets Root4Wood! Bring Back America’s True Pastime and Protect Players

Root4Wood: Gerstman and Schwartz Call for the Abolishment of Non Wooden Bats to Protect the Game of Baseball, Protect the Players and Bring Back America’s True Pastime

After countless injuries due to the usage of non-wooden bats, Gerstman & Schwartz announce the creation of an association to call for regulation and legislation to protect players, especially our children.New York, NY (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

The long relished “crack-of-the-bat” sound has become non-existent in the game of baseball. Since the 1800s, baseball has been America’s favorite past time, and up until the 1970s, it was played solely with wooden bats. Non-wooden bats were first introduced into the game at the college level in 1974. They were an innovative approach to deal with the rising costs of replacing wooden bats, which often broke during the baseball season. Since then, the use of non-wooden bats has become more common due to the increased ball speed elicited by these newly developed instruments. However, the increased homeruns and higher scoring averages have come at a price to the players on the field. Non-wooden baseball bats have a larger sweet spot that generates a faster exit speed, placing the pitcher and infielders at a greater risk of severe injury. Tragically, line drives hit by these non-wooden bats have led to numerous life-threatening injuries, and in some cases, even death.

Prominent New York City lobbyists, attorneys, and political strategists, Bradley L. Gerstman and David M. Schwartz have both seen the terrifying effects that come with the use of non-wooden bats. “The ball comes off of these bats so fast that there is hardly any reaction time, placing our kids in harm’s way,” says Gerstman. “I am fully aware of the new BBCOR standards that have been implemented, requiring non-wooden bats to produce batted ball speeds no greater than a wooden bat, but these specifications do not account for the larger sweet spots that non-wooden bats present.” Mr.Schwartz adds, “The greater trampoline effect of non-wooden bats is victimizing our players to severe, and often tragic, injuries. The solution is really quite simple – return to the way that the game was originally played and put wooden bats back in the hands of our players”.

All athletes are cognizant of the hazards that come with playing sports, but there are certain precautions that each sport takes in order to combat these risks. Football players wear helmets, hockey players wear facemasks, and volleyball players wear kneepads. We owe it to our baseball players to do everything in our power to protect their safety, and that means outlawing non-wooden bats. Root for wood, and bring wooden baseball bats back to the game.

Gerstman and Schwartz announce the creation of Root4Wood, a grass roots association dedicated to mandating that only wooden bats are used at all levels of baseball. Please look out for the creation of a website in the coming weeks and various events and rallies advocating that all non wooden bats be outlawed.

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To learn more about this matter, please contact Bradley L Gerstman, Co-Founding Partner of Gotham Government Relations and Communications. 516-880-8170.

David M. Schwartz, Co-Founding Partner of Gotham Government Relations and Communications. 516-880-8170.

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