Hofstra Athletics in Disarray Since President Shuart's Retirement

Noted Alumni Up-in-Arms Over String of Negative Press

May 6, 2010; New York, NY

Prominent Hofstra Alumni, including many former athletes, are outraged over the spiraling out-of-control of Hofstra’s Athletic Department. Members from the Save Hofstra Football organization are demanding answers about the lack of focus and commitment to Hofstra’s once-revered Athletic Department.

“As Hofstra’s leadership continues to focus on saving face and their medical school, the University’s athletic program is being destroyed,” says Brad Gerstman, a Hofstra Alumnus, Former Football Player and co-founder of Save Hofstra Football. “It started when the University chased the NY Jets away from their long-standing home at Hofstra. Next, they claimed the 70-year-old successful football program should be terminated, based on some study that they won’t show to anyone. Every day it seems like there’s more negative press about Hofstra’s athletic programs.”

Last month, Hofstra lost its beloved basketball coach, Tom Pecora, to its rival school, Fordham University – despite the fact that Fordham had a disastrous record last year. Alumni were not thrilled by the announcement of Pecora’s replacement last month, Tim Welsh, who was to be paid much more than Pecora ever was. But Hofstra alumni were dealt another serious blow when on May 1st; Tim Welsh was arrested for a DWI.

“Tim Welsh was barely part of the Hofstra Pride family for a month, and this happens,” says Chris Duffy, another former Hofstra alumnus and football player. “What kind of due-diligence is Hofstra conducting, when they hire someone who would drive while allegedly intoxicated to the point of twice the legal limit? Hofstra failed to conduct a proper back ground search on Welsh – if they had, they would have found out that the coach had his license suspended in Rhode Island.”

The lack of focus and commitment to the Athletic Department at Hofstra is so inconceivable that it is starting to affect current players’ opinions of the school. Star basketball Pride player, Halil Kanacevic, has decided to transfer out of the school.

“Many alumni, myself included, are asking ‘what’s next?’ for Hofstra and its Athletic Department,” Gerstman says. “As so many schools focus on sports and expand these divisions to enhance the college environment for their existing students, Hofstra leadership is clearly asleep at the wheel, just like its current basketball coach. What a disgrace!”

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