Former Hofstra players raising funds for Wyandanch football


“They’re coming together for a great cause, to ensure that Wyandanch football remains for as long as this district is around,” he said.

“I love my teammates,” Sibblies said. “I love them even more at this time for what they’re trying to do for children.

“[Sibblies] didn’t ask for this,” Gerstman said. “He’s part of our family. He’s such an honorable guy.”

“It’s a camaraderie between the guys that continues,” James Scully, a teammate of Gerstman and Sibblies, said of the bonds between Hofstra football players and their desire to help Wyandanch. “When one of us is down, we come together to help him.”

Gerstman was one of the leaders of a movement to save Hofstra football when the school dropped the program in 2009.

“It’s a function of all the care and concern all the former Hofstra football players have for athletes at all levels of the game,” Gerstman said. “If you ask, to the man, what playing at Hofstra has done for them, it’s done terrific things. It’s very meaningful for high school athletes. You wouldn’t want them to lose an opportunity.”

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