Formation of Greater New York Car Wash Association

Small Business owners come together to protect car washes

New York, NY; May 23, 2012 – Today we are pleased to announce the formation of the Greater New York Car Wash Association. This will help car wash owners throughout New York State fight off the continued attacks on small business and preserve their businesses.

The Bloomberg administrations most recent attack on New York City residents has had a laser focus towards small business. Specifically car washes throughout New York City. A new bill introduced to the city council last month would require car washes to apply for permits on their existing long standing business that many owners would not only not be able to afford but may not qualify for at all.

The new bill would force the city’s car-wash operators to obtain an annual license or pay fines of up to $15,000 a year. Also in order to obtain the proposed license operators would have to obtain a $300,000 bond to cover potential unpaid fines and penalties.

Industry spokesmen Brad Gerstman and David Schwartz in a joint statement said “This latest attack on small business is yet another ludicrous attempt of the Bloomberg administration to collect fees at the expense of small businesses all over the city. Forming this alliance will help protect an industry that employs thousands throughout the city.”

This bill would shut down hundreds of businesses throughout New York. The bill also allows the city of New York to deny the renewal of these permits without cause on an annual basis. This bill will cost the city not only hundreds of small businesses but thousands of jobs as each of these car washes employees a number of people to run the car wash and work there every day.

The Greater New York Car Wash Association will bring these businesses together through grass roots organizing to protect their businesses and save job throughout New York.

Please Respond to: Amber Bragas at Gotham Government Relations 516-880-8170



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