Fighting Against NY Flavored Tobacco Ban

New York Tobacconist Association Fighting Against Flavored Tobacco Ban. Gotham Gov’t Relations Lobbying to Help Legitimate Tobacconists Stay Afloat

Gotham Government Relations is fighting back against a recently enacted New York City Ordinance, which bans the sale of virtually all flavored tobacco products. Working on behalf of the New York Tobacconist Association (NYTA), Gotham hopes to protect New York’s tobacconists.

Last week, U.S. Federal District Court Judge Colleen McMahon denied a request by U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Manufacturing Company and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Brands for a preliminary injunction against the ordinance. The ordinance, enacted by the city council, is hurting legitimate businesses and pipe smokers, while also leading to unstructured legislation that will create widespread enforcement issues.

“By implementing this vague and overbroad legislation, the city council is threatening to put legitimate sellers of fine tobacco and pipe tobacco products out of business,” says Brad Gerstman, partner at Gotham. “This in turn will further drive down our city’s economy, reduce tax revenue to the city and state, and prove how an overzealous city council can disrupt business enterprises without notice or fair due process.”

“Our clients are small business owners who make a tremendous contribution to New York culture and the economy; and thus, in turn, pay significant taxes to the state and local governments,” says David Schwartz, partner at Gotham. “We must stop the policies of hurting our local businesses that serve adult customers and have made a choice to smoke in cigar bars and smoke shops. Certain members of the legislature want to control every choice that New Yorkers make, and its time our Government stop intruding on personal freedoms.”

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