Ebru News – Brad Gerstman on Anthony Weiner’s Mayoral Run

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When Anthony Weiner entered the mayor race, the jokes were plenty.

Late night talk shows and newspaper front covers were filled with pun after pun.

But according to a new poll, it’s Weiner who’s laughing now.

Anthony Weiner, (D) NYC Mayoral Candidate: “Too often these campaigns, devolve into a contest of who has what endorsement and I’ve always tried to do things differently.”

That could be working for New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner.

According to a new poll, he is now the democratic front-runner, with 25 percent of the vote.

Five points ahead of City council speaker Christine Quinn.

Bill Thompson follows in at third with 13 percent.

Many said the former Congressman didn’t stand a chance, saying his campaign is tarnished by a sexting scandal which forced him out of office.

At a press conference in the Bronx today, Weiner said he’s not surprised that after his fall from grace he’s rising to the top.

Anthony Weiner, (D) NYC Mayoral Candidate: “Issues matter, fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it with real ideas with how were going to move people forward is what people want to talk about. They care less about endorsements, they want to know how their life is going to be affected.”

Some say early poll numbers reflect more on media coverage and name recognition…rather than a candidate’s chance of winning.

But political expert, Brad Gerstman, says name recognition wins elections.

This comes as Republican candidate, former MTA Chair Joe Lhota, just released a fundraising pitch attacking Weiner.

In an email, Lhota reportedly says Weiner lies to the public, press and his family, and makes up his own facts.

But Gertsman says Lhota is using Weiner’s popularity to take the spotlight off his low standing in the polls.

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