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Politics is a dirty business – but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it, at least according to consultant Brad Gerstman. The Long Island lawyer – who has worked on campaigns for billionaire grocer John Catsimatidis and former Gov. Eliot Spitzer – is out with a list of the ten best-dressed men in government, which he hopes will encourage other elected officials to up their game. With the exception of former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly – who despite recently stepping down from the NYPD got a special shout-out for his “outstanding tailoring” – the bipartisan list consists entirely of state legislators, with heavy NYC representation. Assemblyman Herman “Denny” Ferrell Jr. is lauded for his “old-school” look, Sen. Kevin Parker’s is recognized for rocking bow ties with aplomb, and Assemblyman Francisco Moya “looks like a Latin pop star,” according to Gerstman. Missing from the list: Women. Gerstman, known as a bit of a dandy himself, said he’s just not an expert on women’s fashion: “A comparable female list awaits the judgment of someone with greater expertise in this area than I,” he said.

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Here’s the list:

Politics, unfortunately, is too often perceived by the average citizen as a dirty business. And the old saying that, if you like the law or sausage you shouldn’t watch either of them being made highlights the popular viewpoint. Those of us who get the chance to see elected officials up close and personal, however, understand just how much these popular views miss the mark-politicians on the whole are dedicated to the public good and, quite often, dress the part.

When we began to conduct our fashion survey we found that there are quite a few of our Albany lawmakers, perhaps mindful of the prejudices of their constituents, who believe that dressing well is important. Since this is the award season, with the Golden Globes and the Oscars right around the corner, it is the right time to take a look at those elected officials who deserve recognition for their sartorial splendor.

Brad Gerstman himself states, “I am extremely interested in this and follow fashion very closely, therefore I like to see when people in politics take some fashion risk and stand out amongst the crowd.”

For those of you looking for a political version of Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police, sorry, we’ll leave the snark to the acerbic tongued comedienne. (Maybe if you drop us a line we’ll dish dirt on some of those rumpled ragamuffins who live up to the stereotypical view of politicos). This is for those male electeds who are dedicated to giving a clean look to an otherwise perceived dirty business. A comparable female list awaits the judgment of someone with greater expertise in this area than I.

The List

  1. Senator Kevin Parker: The dapper Brooklynite stands out in any crowd. A great dresser, resplendent in various fabrics and colors, Senator Parker looks equally good in bow tie and the standard long tie. Parker adds to his daring look by not being afraid to include a colorful pocket square to his dashing ensemble.
  2. Assemblyman Herman Ferrell Jr: “Denny” as he is known to one and all is an old school throwback whose attire is reminiscent of the movie stars of yore. He mixes shirts of various stripes and colors. Denny sports colorful pocket squares and looks the part of debonair rake. Underneath the fashion, however, lurks a well-disguised clever mind and shrewd strategist. Denny epitomizes the true well-dressed gentleman.
  3.  Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: We had to throw in a ringer for our last nominee because Ray Kelly, awash in the muck and grime of policing the Big Apple, portrays a suave and debonair look that belies his 72 years. You may not agree with his policing style but you can’t argue that he doesn’t dress well. Meticulously put together with outstanding tailoring on his suits, the Commissioner fearlessly wears a double-breasted suit adorned by impressive power ties.
  4. Senator Jeff Klein: The well-tanned senator, who represents the Bronx and Westchester, takes “independence” seriously in his manner of dress as well as in his politics. Jeff is not afraid to mix bold colored shirts and ties and always looks polished.
  5. Senator Marty Golden: An old beat cop and restaurateur from Brooklyn, Golden sports the clean and traditional look. Always smiling, with a glad hand for both friends and foes, Marty represents the borough of Kings with style and grace.
  6. Assemblyman Francisco Moya: Walking down the halls Francisco looks like a Latin pop star with a slim and modern look. An avid soccer fan, he looks quite capable of stepping out of his well-pressed suit at a moment’s notice-right onto the field for a crucial penalty kick.
  7. Senator Greg Ball: Is truly a Man for all Seasons. When wearing a suit, he looks like a Brooks Brothers model, but transitions smoothly when he’s back in the district, proudly displaying his cool outdoor gear and cowboy boots to show off his flair for target shooting and bull riding.
  8. Senator Tom Libous: As meticulous a dresser as he is a bill writer, Tom clearly cares about how he looks. Never drab, he wears various suits expertly woven with a variety of fabrics. When Tom goes for the more casual look, he becomes smartly adorned with beautiful sport coats, looking as if he belongs in an Italian movie with subtitles.
  9. Assemblyman Joe Morelle: Most people don’t know that Joe started off in the dry cleaning business and it was there that he perhaps developed a refined taste in attire. Joe always sports a powerful look with his colorful ties and well tailored suits. He never looks anything short of perfectly polished and demonstrates on a daily basis that upstaters have as much good taste as the city slickers.
  10. Assemblyman Chuck Lavine: Has the clean look of a proper country gentleman or professor emeritus, replete with well tailored blue and grey suits punctuated with his distinguished white hair. But those who see him on weekends are impressed by his various stylish tweed sport jackets.


This is, of course, only a partial list and we are open to entertaining more eligible well-dressed pols for a sequel-especially for the ladies. We just wanted everyone to know that doing good for the public and looking good in the process is important for many of our elected officials.


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