Brad Gerstman in LIBN: A Necessary Push for Natural Gas?

As we continue to wait for what seems like a distant dream of declining gas prices, change for the future is nearing reality. The last few years have proven to be a time of great advancement, as alternative fuel has become a valid consideration for the future of vehicle development. The cause for this attempt is due to a number of motivations ranging from the negative effect of fumes on the environment to a limited source of petroleum. With that said, the anxiety of skyrocketing gas prices can be felt both locally here on the island and on a national level as well. However with great technology knocking at our door, maybe the days of overpriced gas and harmful fumes are nearing an end?

There are several kinds of alternative fuels available for use, the most notable being Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Others include propane and electricity. All three energy sources are efficient substitutes for the traditional fuel source of petroleum and can effectively run a number of vehicles already produced. So what’s the problem? The dilemma here lies in the limited number of fueling stations currently available for convenient refueling. Without a proper CNG or electric refuel station consumers aren’t going to want to buy alternative fuel vehicles.

Buying a car that runs on alternative fuel is inarguably cheaper in the grand scheme of prices. The most common cost of CNG fuel locally is about $2.60, which is a far cry from the near $4.00 most of us pay for just a gallon of gas. Let’s also remember that CNG is environmentally friendly, which is another necessary change we should all be considering.?? Currently, eleven CNG fueling stations and nearly twenty electric fueling stations exist locally. This is nowhere near enough to sustain the population of Long Island and thus the problem remains. Without stations this great technology cannot make headway.

CNG is an American product, which means that through this technology we have the power to rely on our own sources for fuel. Hence, this beneficial progression would not only result in cleaner air and cheaper prices, but also assist in alleviating obvious political tensions over gasoline. Our nation is founded upon the tradition of independence, and alternative fuel would provide us with the ability to achieve just that. Unfortunately, CNG powered cars will not continue to come before their stations do. We must maintain the push for developing alternative fuel vehicles and as well as their stations before the opportunity passes us by.

-Bradley Gerstman, Esq.

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