Brad Gerstman Calls for Legislative Investigation of NYC Education System

NYC Education System Fails to Assign 15,000 Incoming Kindergarteners with Specials Needs to a School

Brad Gerstman Calls for Legislative Investigation

Investigate New York City Department of Education

Investigate New York City Department of Education

June 17, 2011; New York, NY – The Daily News’ Daily Politics Blogger, Celeste Katz, wrote earlier today that “the city is on the hook for millions of dollars in private school tuition after failing to find seats for thousands of kindergartners with special needs.” Special Needs Advocate Brad Gerstman, Partner at Gotham Government Relations & Communication, is outraged by the lack of leadership and accountability of New York City officials that are putting special education children last on their list of priorities.

“This is an absolute tragedy of the highest proportions that New York City would continue to pay give diminutive attention to Special-Ed kids and as a result, further cause pain and mistrust to those families that are suffering with a developmental disabled child their household,” Says Gerstman. “These families are going through enough turmoil in their life and when the education systems absolutely fails them, it brings us and the society to a very low point. This cannot happen, it should not happen, and no one in New York City should tolerate it!”

Gerstman is calling for a full review by New York City and New York City legislative investigative bodies to get to the bottom of this wrongdoing and to make certain that this never occurs again in the future.

The blog continues to stat that the city already spends millions to education the enrolled $4,000 students with special needs. The cost to enroll these reaming 15,000 kids will increase the cost dramatically.


Brad Gerstman is a well-known advocate for individuals with disabilities and special needs. He is a member of the Nassau University Medical Center, Vice Chair of the Long Island Medical Foundation, Governor’s appointee to his Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence, and Chairman of the Tom Suozzi Long Island Autism Coalition. He was recently honored by the Child Abuse Prevention Services. Brad also represents a number of special needs schools, charities, and other developmental disability entities through his work at Gotham.


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