Blog: 2009 Election Is All About Voter ANGER

By Brad Gerstman

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? We all the know the answer and the people spoke with their votes Nov 3rd. Job losses, government cutbacks, government borrowing, no real changes, same partisan fighting…..and the the voters are fed up.

If you look at elections in VA, NJ, Westchester, Upstate NY, NYC, and Nassau County, you will see that people wanted a change. This time change means they want a different party and different person than the one that is currently in the position.

Having had the opportunity to work as an election commentator on RNN, I heard callers explaining the reasons why they voted for the opponent. None could say why they liked the opponent but all were clear in their distaste for the incumbent.

This was a tough election to be an incumbent. Instead of the high re-election rate most enjoy in local elections, the incumbency meant living with a target on their backs. Incumbents were blamed for the horrific economic conditions that exist today.

We can’t look back now but we can look forward to the election in 2010 where so many NYS elected officials and other federal officials will face these angry voters. The question will be whether the anger will continue to will it subside?

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